Switzerland 2018

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Switzerland 2018

Postby Marcel Buhler » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:15 pm

Hi folks

I would like to share with you a little herping review of 2018. All pictures taken in Switzerland. Most of it quite common, but nevertheless worth to share.

Let’s start with my personal favorite. At one of the first warm day’s end of February I visited
A population of Vipera aspis in Central Switzerland. I saw 2 adult snakes and this beautiful juvenile Vipera aspis.
Central Switzerland Aspis_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

During March and April I was able to take a few nice shots of Lacerta agilis agilis in Canton of Lucerne. This species is more and more endangered. In the populated area mainly because of house cats and the loss of habitat. The other problem is the introduced Podarcis muralis from south of the Alps which suppress Lacerta agilis in stony habitats. There is an specific Species protection program in progress in Central Switzerland. https://www.zauneidechse.ch/
Central Switzerland Agilis1_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Central Switzerland agilis2_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Central Switzerland agilis3_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Central Switzerland agilis4_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Central Switzerland agilis5_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Another rare species in Central Switzerland is Coronella austriaca. This nice picure was taken in the pre-alpine area of Canton Nidwalden.
Central Switzerland austrica_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Back in Lucerne I visited a swamp area with the intention to search for Natrix natrix. Unfortunately not successful. At least the prey was present. Pelophylax spec.
Central Switzerland Frosch_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

During summer I was for a few days in Canton of Ticino. For me a little bit surprising was to see this Podarcis muralis maculiventris at an altitude of 1700m.
Ticino 1700m_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Quite common in the Valle Maggia are those two species.

Podarcis muralis maculiventris
Ticino Muralis_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

Coronella austriaca
Ticino austrica_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed my short herping review 2018.

Marcel Buhler
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Re: Switzerland 2018

Postby Jeroen Speybroeck » Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:07 pm

Thanks & welcome!

Is there solid proof that muralis is displacing agilis?
Jeroen Speybroeck
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Re: Switzerland 2018

Postby Matthias Kaiser » Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:00 pm

Hi Marcel

Thank you for posting the nice images. In case you did not already send the data about your findings to the karch, it would be great if you could do that. I am sure they would really appreciate it.

@Jeroen: What kind of data would you accept as solid proof? I guess it is going to be very difficult to get that. As far as I am aware, some people see in certain cases a correlation between the arrival of P. muralis and the decline in numbers of L. agilis and this without other changes observed in the habitat. Of course one can not rule out that unobserved changes caused the decline.

I found this publication indicating that there is a strong niche overlap (they could not find a habitat shift of L. agilis in response to the presence of P, muralis though). But one could imagine that the strong niche overlap could in some cases lead to the displacement of one species.


Matthias Kaiser
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Re: Switzerland 2018

Postby Marcel Buhler » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:17 pm

Thanks for the comments.

@ Jeroen I don't know if ther is an scientific proof that Podarcis muralis displacing Lacerta agilis. It is often written in publications, also form official side like the government. Nevertheless, it is also out of own observations. In "rocky" areas, where P. muralis is introduced the L. agilis start to disapeare slowly.

@ Matthias, all observations are reported via info fauna app.
Marcel Buhler
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