Easter herping in the Var

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Easter herping in the Var

Postby Christoph Stenger » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:00 pm

I was spending some time of my Easter vacation in the Var, South of France. With my kids about to go crazy I decided to hit the road with them and go looking for some ‚frogs‘ at palace that a friendly member of this community has shared with me.

Well, I did not find any frogs but only tadpoles. At a small pond we had discovered some turtles and I was excited that the pond was full of Emys – a closer look at the pictures I have taken from a greater distance unfortunately revealed that the pond was full of Red Eared Sliders which made me kind of angry despite the fun we had watching them.

On our way back to the car I opened a manhole just to find some Tarentola mauretanica, one of my favorite species. Then my son discovered the highlight of the day: between the cover lid and the styrofoam insulation a Coronella girondica was hiding. A species that I had never seen before in the wild.

To sum it up: a nice day in the field ending with some tired kids.
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