Hello from The Netherlands

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Hello from The Netherlands

Postby Herman Bronsgeest » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:25 am

Hello there.

My name is Herman Bronsgeest, and Leiden, The Netherlands, is where I live. I have this master degree in biology, majored in evolutionary biology and animal taxonomy, but since there are bills to pay I now work as a system developer (like so many biologist).

I'm 48 years old now, but I have had this fascination for cold blooded vertebrates, ever since I was a little boy. By the age of 12, I started to keep snakes as pets, mostly European species, which I used to collect during the holidays. Something I haven't done for decades, actually, but for some reason I still have this strange habbit of turning all these logs and rocks, whenever I'm out there.

As a terrarium hobbyist, my focus is primarily on North American colubrid snakes nowadays, Pituophis species in particular. As an amateur herpetologist, however, it's still the European stuff which excites me the most.

I discovered this forum only recently, as I googled for pictures of Vipera walser. By the looks of it, I could learn a lot from you guys, and I look forward to share some of my knowlegde as well.

Best wishes,

Herman Bronsgeest
Herman Bronsgeest
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Re: Hello from The Netherlands

Postby Christoph Stenger » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:08 am

Welcome to the forum!

Christoph Stenger
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